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Mixed Media:  Acrylic/Photos/Drawing • 10 x 8 inches on Paper

PussyCat - Sold
Water Cat - Sold
Fish Tales Cat Spirit - For Sale
Blue Cat Spirit - sold
Black Cat Spirit -sold
Blue Eyed Cat -sold
Blue Eye Siamese Cat Spirit - sold
Green Eyed Cat - sold
Cat Spirit - sold
Siamese Cat Spirit - sold
Calico Cat Spirit - sold
Orange Cat Spirit - For Sale
Tigeress Cat Spirit - For Sale
Tiger Cat Spirit - sold
Fat Cat - Spirit
Spotted Dog - Sold
Black Mutt Dog - Sold
Cattle Dog Spirit - sold
Blue & Brown Eyed Dog - For Sale
Labra Doodle Spirit -sold
Bull Dog - Sold
Long Eared Dog - Sold
Dog Spirit - sold
Brown Eyed Shaggy Dog Spirit - sold
Wolf Spirit - Sold
Shaggy Dog Spirit - sold
Orange Shaggy Dog Spirit - sold
Orange Dog Spirit - For Sale
Brown Dog Spirit - For Sale
TigerSpirit - Sold
Black Cheetah Spirit - For Sale
White Cheetah Spirit - For Sale
Chetah Spirit - For Sale
Brown Cheetah Spirit - sold
Golden Cheetah Spirit - sold
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